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Parking Lot Information

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures:

Attention Drivers: Due to our large staff and limited parking space, the parking lot will be for staff parking only. Please follow this diagram to SAFELY drop off & pick up your child(ren):


Enter our school parking lot from Park Village Road, drop off or pick up your child(ren) in front of the school, and exit at Camino Del Sur. Traffic flow is ONE WAY ONLY. Students need to exit vehicles on the curbside only. Entering the parking lot from Camino Del Sur and exiting at Park Village Road is not allowed.

Map of PVES parking and student drop-off


Please Do:

  • Keep the big picture in mind. It is difficult to dismiss over 700 students at the same time. Your patience and awareness of traffic, students, and adults around you will provide for a safer area for all.
  • Park in the overflow lot next to the park or on Camino Del Sur passed the roundabout and walk to school to pick up your child(ren).
  • Cross the street and parking lot in crosswalks only.


  • Do not leave your car unattended in the red zone. This is our number one problem. One car will block the flow of traffic for all others.
  • DO NOT DROP OFF OR PICK UP YOUR CHILD(REN) OR MOTION THEM TO YOUR CAR ON PARK VILLAGE ROAD. Picking up on Park Village and pulling into traffic is not safe.
  • Pick up & drop off in the school-designated areas only (see map).
  • Double-parking on Camino Del Sur is illegal and unsafe.
  • Do not block crosswalks.
  • Use your turn signals--it helps people know where you’re going.


ESS Parking Lot:

  • There is no entry to school campus from the ESS area. Do not use ESS parking lot for student drop off or pick up at any time.
  • All cars must park in a marked space.
  • If no parking space is open, you must wait until one becomes available.
  • Only ESS parents with an ESS parking permit will be allowed in the lot.
  • Autos exiting from the ESS lot during morning drop off & afternoon dismissal times will be RIGHT TURN ONLY. The San Diego police may ticket you for breaking traffic laws and not obeying traffic signs, i.e., turning right on red during posted hours, or crossing at No Pedestrian Crossing signs on Camino Del Sur, etc.